Erwin Staal

Azure Architect - Xpirit | Author of 'Azure Infrastructure as Code' | Microsoft MVP

Erwin Staal

Erwin Staal is an Azure Architect and DevOps consultant working for Xpirit in the Netherlands. Helping companies deliver their software to customers using DevOps practices and cloud-native architectures is what he loves to do. He believes in the power of both the monolith and microservices and prefers to run his workload on the Azure Cloud and/or Kubernetes.

Besides the work he does for the customers of Xpirit, he has a passion for sharing knowledge. He is one of the authors of 'Azure Infrastructure as Code' (, occasionally writes a blog, and is an international speaker at conferences.

Efficient and Secure Software Delivery with Azure Deployment Environments

DevOps has improved the speed of software development, but organizations still face the challenge of providing an efficient and secure infrastructure for teams while balancing agility, security, and compliance. To address this, Azure Deployment Environments is a new service that provides project-based templates to quickly spin up app infrastructure while maximizing security, compliance, and cost-efficiency. By defining environment types, organizations can make it easy for developers to deploy environments with the right services, resources, and policies applied. Azure Deployment Environments integrates with established CI/CD pipelines, making it easy to see how code changes impact app performance. This session will provide a demo of the features and setup of Azure Deployment Environments.