Jussi Roine

Awesome with Azure & Security | CEO & Co-founder — North Advisors & Not Bad Security | Microsoft MVP

Jussi Roine

I was born at the ripe age of 0, in 1977. I was drawn to computers at an early age, and much to the surprise of my parents, I learned BASIC on a VIC-20 in record time. Fast forward to 1989, I found the Internet. The information superhighway at my fingertips! I've done my share of Gopher, telnet, and IRC, I guess.

Then, in 1990 I 'saw the light', and started fiddling with this Linux thing. That was fun. Compiling the kernel while attending a class for high school was memorable, also. I've since kept working on the technology, focusing on Microsoft platforms and solutions since 1994. I still miss Windows NT 3.51.

I work on challenging Microsoft Azure and security solutions, and each time I realize someone moved a button in Azure Portal without asking me.

Microsoft Azure: Love & Thunder

Join us for the Azure Fest keynote, where Jussi Roine will walk you through the three stages of Azure in the real world. The state of Azure will cover how we got here, and perhaps what we forgot during our journey. We’ll continue to secure the cloud, and turns out just enabling MFA is not enough. Finally, we hear about real-world architectures and challenges when working with customers on Azure. Attendees to the keynote will also learn about how to call a customer when their Cosmos DB budget was blown by one quick database query.