Sam Vanhoutte

Startup Advisor & investor, focus on Cloud & Innovation

Sam Vanhoutte

Sam is a Microsoft Azure MVP. As a technical advisor and investor at several cloud start-ups, he is involved in cloud-native architectures and focuses on Serverless technologies, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

For seventeen years, he has been working as CTO at Codit, one of the leading European Microsoft cloud partners. In working together with Microsoft, Sam has extensive experience in building data-driven, integrated cloud-based solutions.

Sam has been involved in several industrial IoT projects and has been contributing to the open-source Arcus project, focusing on the Machine Learning aspects.

Sam is a frequent speaker at international events and is active in the Belgian and European Microsoft communities.

Time traveling in the cloud. Time series analytics with Microsoft Azure.

The data collected in IoT scenarios are often thought of as a ‘time series”. Through this data it’s possible to understand the past and use this data to anticipate the future. But time traveling is never straight forward. That’s why in this session Sam will walk you through the processing of time series data and he'll discuss some common roadblocks in time series analytics.

Not only will we focus on time series analytics and predictions for the future but you’ll also see which Azure services can be used and how they can be applied. We will tackle Time Series Insights, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Explorer and how they can be combined in data driven solutions.