Wesley Haakman

Lead Azure Architect | Microsoft MVP

Wesley Haakman

Wesley is a Microsoft Azure MVP and is working as a Lead Azure Architect at Intercept. His day to day activities include designing, implementing and optimizing Azure solutions. When he’s not working on a project, he’s giving a workshop, training or test-driving new Azure features. As a big advocate of Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, Governance and Security you will probably hear him talking about any of these subjects at least a few times a day (or hour). If you want to talk Azure, get in touch!

Let’s cause some chaos

Is your infrastructure resilient, redundant and do you feel confident that everything remains operational when you log off at the end of the day? Good! Let’s put that to the test and do some chaos engineering!

During this session we will inspect different architectures and use Azure Chaos Studio to experiment against those environments. What can we learn from this and how would you use such a tool to continuously improve your environment? But most important: How can Azure Chaos Studio help you to log off at the end of the day without that little voice in the back of your head going “Are you sure it’s set up correctly?”