Zoë Kroontje-Gillette

IT Consultant & Innovater

Zoë Kroontje-Gillette

Zoë is a consultant at Avanade and Microsoft fan girl. Inspired by cases presented by large companies she likes to delve into leveraging new and innovative tech solutions to help solve real world problems. Now moving from speaking internally to also sharing her inspiration and insights beyond company walls.

Structuring Havoc and mastering chaos with Azure Chaos Studio

In designing software architecture, we always try to think ahead of what could happen to disrupt our components from functioning as intended. Design choices are made to meet various requirements on topics such as performance, scaling, resiliency, capacity and availability. However, in the end the question will always remain “How does it perform in production?”.

Using Azure Chaos Studio, we can get ahead of this question by injecting real world faults against our services. In this session you’ll learn how to create and use Chaos Engineering experiments to validate architectural choices and improve service reliability.