We are diligently finalizing the event agenda.

Please check back soon for the complete timetable. Meanwhile, explore the exciting sessions scheduled for Azure Fest.

Achieving Continuous Monitoring by Integrating Azure and Azure DevOps
Azure and Linked Data at the Rijksmuseum
Azure Virtual Network Manager
Better API Governance with Azure API Center
Building secure LLM applications on Azure: Here's what you should know
Creating preconfigured clusters with Azure Kubernetes Service Automatic
Empowering Developers with FinOps: Mastering Cost Efficiency in the Cloud
Forward to the Past and Back to the Future - Cybercrime in 2023/2024
Microservices Orchestration with Azure Container Apps
RAG and Vector Databases Explained: How to hand LLM your Data
Secure access to your Azure environment: Let's count the ways
Securing Microservices: Strategies and Best Practices
Streamlining Back Office Operations with Azure and OpenAI-Powered .NET Smart Components